The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Unique Dog Name

Choosing the right name for your dog can be a pain point in an otherwise very happy time in your life.  Here’s our detailed guide to choosing the right name you both will love.

But where do you begin, what qualifies a name as good, unique or special. Here are key elements to consider.

Where Do You Live

The language you speak and the country you live in has not only a cultural impact on the name you choose but dogs recognize tones when learning commands and accents and pronunciation can change how well your dog understands is name, for example.

In Germany the 4 most popular K9 names are:

2. Hasso
3. Ajax
4. Bruno

These names work well because the german language places strong emphasis on the first syllable of a word. Choose a name that fits within the characteristics of your language.

Is Breed Of The Dog
There is no doubt that the breed of a dog has alot to do with why we chose it. With this in mind consider a name that fits the build and temperament of your pup. Names that may seem clever can often cause other people to mock or miss treat a dog hurting it’s confidence.

Imagine this pup being named tiny or princess. She would be mocked by everyone you introduced her to. Rather Bella, Lexus or Ash are a much better fit.

Avoid names that have sentimental as, like naming them after a childhood pet. Let your new pup build it’s own legacy in your heart.

Get to know their personality before naming them. Dogs individual personality is one of the main reasons we grow so attached to them. Spend a few days getting to know them. Try calling them a few different things to see what fits.


While this doberman may look ferocious you and I both know she is probably an angel a dignified name that fits the doberman breeds heritage would make her feel loved. For example Dutchess or Sky are both unique beautiful names that she would be honored to have.

No matter what name you choose make it special and memorable.