Yorkie Names

The Cutest Breed On Earth

The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkies) often considered one of the cutest breeds on Earth have developed a special soft spot world wide for their good demeanor and adorable size. Originally bred in Yorkshire England to help with varmint management in cotton and wool mills, the Yorkie has been adopted as pets, show dogs and companions for well over 100 years.



Famous Yorkies

Because of their adorable looks, small stature and inquisitive personality they are one of the most popular dogs among celebrities. Several pups have even reached celebrity status of their own. Checkout these famous Yorkies and you might find the perfect name for your new Yorkie.

1. Mr Famous: From Audrey Hepburns film “Funny Face”
2. Boi: From High School Musical 2
3. Spike: Donnie Osmond’s beautiful Pup
4. Vida: Tom Brady
5. Jack: Hillary Duff
6. Tiger: Ivanka Trump
7. Smoky: Famous WWII Terrier with incredible story
8. Pasha: First Lady Tricia Nixon
9. Huddersfield Ben: Father of the Yorkshire Terrier Breed
10.Bob: Naomi Watts

Unique Yorkie Names

Because of their unique personalities fun size and simple beauty coming up with a name fitting for a Yorkie can be tough. Here are our top 25 names perfect for a Yorkshire Terrier.

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