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Content Use and Sharing Policy


Sharing a name on our website in any fashion via email, form entry, comment submission or other methods permits us the right to share that name in any of our posts, on this website or social media. 


Dog Of The Week, or Dog Of The Day

Submissions are taken on a first come first serve basis. Submissions must be complete to be utilized. By submitting an entry for Dog Of The Week or Dog Of The Day you are stating that you have the rights to use said picture and you are allowing us to use it on this website and our social media platforms free of charge. You are also granting us permission to share all information contained in the submission form on our website and social media platforms. Additionally we make no guarantee we will be able to use any of the information submitted in the form. Having said that we want to share your pup with others and are grateful you were willing to share your pup with us. 


Advertising Privacy Policy.

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