Kids Love Dogs and Here is Why

Proof That Your Kid Needs a Dog

If you have ever seen a kid who was raised around a dog you will notice that they are the best of friends. Dogs love unconditionally, and so do kids. They both love to play games they adore when you give them your attention. Proof that your kid needs a dog is clear look at a few kids with dogs and see how happy they are. For example meet Wyatt and Molly.

They love to spend time together, especially when Molly is in the house. Molly follows Wyatt all around the house to see what he is up to. She loves to explore with him and he feels extra safe knowing he has someone watching his back.

Dogs and Health

It’s a proven fact that kids who are raised with pets have better health. Pets especially dogs encourage kids to run and walk, increasing their fine motor skills along with their love of the outdoors. Being raised with animals has proven to improve kids immune systems. Dogs also help people have a better resistance to allergies.

Dogs Build Kids Confidence

Dogs help relieve stress and improve kids moods, this helps build your child’s confidence because they even if they are sad or hurt they have an extra support outside of their parents.